Artist Information

Birth Name:
Emmanuel Williams

Artist Name:
Midas a.k.a. Dapper Dan

Baltimore, Maryland

Good Music

you decide






Biggest Fan

Feels Good

Blown Out


    Produced & Mixed by Brandon Lackey and Dwayne Lawson
    Mastered by Orca Sound studio


Mania!!! - Produced & Mixed By Brandon Lackey and Dwayne Lawson; Vocals by Midas, Kane, and Ron G

Biggest Fan - Produced & Mixed By Brandon Lackey and Dwayne Lawson; Vocals by Midas

Feels Good - Produced & Mixed By Brandon Lackey and Dwayne Lawson; Vocals by Midas

Blown Out - Produced & Mixed By Brandon Lackey and Dwayne Lawson; Vocals by Midas, Kane, and Ron G


Emmanual "Dappa Dan Midas" Williams is one of the stronger cases that prove trees can grow from concrete. "To put it simply, I grew up with not a lot". Obstacles like the ones he perseveres through are of the capacity to break ones spirit, or fortify your convictions in the only element not on the periodic table.........FIRE. Though most rappers wear impoverished upbringing as a badge of honor, or justification for less artistic endeavors, Midas tends to make lemonade from life's bitter fruit. The pain and sorrow are converted into soul and emotion that will invoke from the listener anything from a surface toe tap to a full blown dance step. Born and raised on the same West Baltimore streets that gave the world criminals and Thurgood Marshall, Midas was destined to be a star. In a perfect world, people would express themselves through whatever things made them happy, however in the type of cruel reality that sculpted this young artist, you work with what you have (and some have none). Music became his heroin. Bold overpowering vocals, and low toned whispers creep and crawl over beats forcing them into the open field of the listeners’ imagination. He goes were your favorite rapper has never been, hangs his hat, and asks if you wouldn't mind hanging out for a second...."I have something to do". If his music was not so impressive, anyone who has watched him work would accuse him of not trying. This is because he walks (what many consider) the roughest uncharted terrain without complaint, regret, or hesitation. For all of his eclectic leanings, and soulful singing, the strangest phenomena about Dappa Dan Midas is that he is a ruthless battle rapper. This is what many fans and critics alike consider his most dangerous attribute. Not much can compete with the look of shock upon the face of a rapper who "broke fly" only to now find himself now clenched in the jaws of what he assumed was a flower. Midas made his name on his hometown of Baltimore's fiercely competitive and aggressive music scene, by plunging stake's in the hearts of competitors who dared confuse his smile for a soft heart. He is the allegorical fierce warrior that would rather be painting, and WILL MAKE YOU PAY for forcing his hand. If it had to be condensed into a single statement; Midas IS the MUSIC. He brilliantly spreads his je ne se quoi across the vocal track like a freshly spread comforter in the Waldorf Astoria. He is the smell of cologne and perfume mixed with cigarette smoke in the underground jazz club. The claustrophobia of a capacity crowd teeming with anticipation at a rock concert. The excitement of 30,000 people with their hands in the air "waving them like they just don't care". All blended together in a humble, immaculately dressed young man who will tell you despite everything you may have read about him, he is just a "guy making honest music", and he hopes you like it. We think you will.